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Sunset Pawnbrokers is located at 1647 N La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, California. (323) 874 - 7860 We are located between Hawthorn Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard/Marshfield Way and just north of Sunset Blvd.

We offer our clients affordable low interest rate loans. Let us help you get the best value from your items and you decide if you would like to sell or pawn them.

Our easy and affordable cash loans for your convenience. We offer loans for a period of 4 months. You can have extra time to pay your loan just stop by and pay interest and you will have an additional four months.

hollywood pawn shopSunset Pawnbrokers are in the heart of Hollywood, just steps from the famous Hollywood Boulevard. We are also very near to other well-known Hollywood landmarks.

Sunset Pawnbrokers has been part of the Hollywood community for over 30 years at the current location.

Getting here:

By Bus: we are a short walk from the Hollywood/La Brea and Hollywood/Sycamore bus stops.

By Metro: we are a short and scenic walk from Hollywood/Highland Station on the Red Line. To find the best route for you, visit the Metro website and use their Metro Trip Planner.

By Car: there are several car parking facilities nearby including at the Hollywood and Highland Center.

Sunset PawnBrokers are part of the local music and movie industry culture and buying, selling and trading music equipment, gold, jewelry and electronics.

Sunset Pawnbrokers

1647 N La Brea Ave, LA 90028

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pawn shop inside close to hollywood
  • Sunset Strip – a stretch of Sunset Boulevard that runs for a mile and a half. It’s known for its shops, restaurants, clubs and vivid billboards.
  • Madame Tussauds – the famous wax museum where you can get up close and personal with all your favourite celebrities. The museum features extraordinarily life-like figures of famous movie and TV stars, musicians, sporting figures and politicians including Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • The Chinese Theatre – located next door to Madame Tussauds, the Chinese Theatre is an icon of Hollywood history. Built in the 1920s, it is also home to the famous forecourt showcasing the hand and footprints of many famous celebrities.
  • The Egyptian Theatre – another Hollywood landmark built in 1922. Today it is a not-for-profit operation showing classic films as well as documentaries, world cinema and independent films.
  • El Capitan Theatre – owned and operated by Disney, El Capitan is another famous Hollywood theatre built in 1926.
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame –stretching along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a Hollywood must-see.
  • Hollywood Museum – for a good serving of Hollywood history, the Hollywood Museum is the place to go. It features four floors of exhibitions and thousands of costumes, props, scripts, photographs and posters.
  • Shopping – there is plenty of shopping opportunities in the area surrounding Sunset Pawnbrokers including along Sunset Boulevard and in the nearby Hollywood and Highland Center, which also houses the Dolby Theatre.

For the first three months, all loans for which the amount financed is below $2,500 the following applies:
Amount Financed Interest Charge Amount Financed Interest Charge Amount Financed Interest Charge
1¢ to $19.99 $3.00 $50.00 to $74.99 $9.00 $100.00 to $174.99 $15
$20.00 to $49.99 $6.00 $75.00 to $99.99 $12.00 $175 to $2,499.99 9% of Amount Financed

Interest charged during the first three months is the same on the first as the ninetieth day. Starting the fourth (4th) and Subsequent Months the total interest changes are: loan amounts of 1¢ to $100 = $3.00 per month; loan amonts more then $100 = 3% of the Loan Amount per month. These interest charges also apply to the Grace Period. A month is a period of at least thirty consecutive calendar days. On loans of $2,500 or more the interest rate is not regulated and can be negotiated between the client and the Lender. State loan period, all fees, and notice requirements still apply.

LOAN SET-UP FEE: $5.00 may be charged on each loan written or 3% of the loan amount, whichever is greater with a maximum of $30.00.

STORAGE CHARGES: ($1) for any article that can be contained within one cubic foot; ($5) for any article that cannont be contained within one cubic foot but can be contained within three cubic feet; ($10) for any article that can not be contained within three cubic feet but can be contained within six cubic feet; ($20) for any article that can not be contained within within six cubic feet and one dollar ($1) for each additional cubic foot in excess of six cubic feet.

NOTIFICATION FEE: A maximum of $3.00 may be charged for each notice sent.

MINIMUM/MAXIMUM PERIOD: A loan is due at the end of 4 month period with additional 10 day grace period. There is no minimum time to redeem a loan.

Sample Loan:
Amount Financed: $100.00
Finance Charge: $29.00
Total of Payments: $129.00
Maximum Annual Percentage Rate: 86.76%
PREPAYMENT: Interest is calculated on a monthly basis and savings may be made by paying off the loan on or prior to monthly anniversary dates.
Sample Loan Payments:
First Month: $123.00
Second Month:$123.00
Third Month: $126.00
Fourth Month: $129.00