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Sunset Pawnbrokers loan cash based on your items value. Items we loan against include gold, precious metals, diamonds, musical instruments, computers, tools and jewelry…


A full service pawnbroker and we accept jewelry, gold, diamonds as collateral for loans. Bring your items and get cash in minutes. No credit checks, fast secure transaction!


Buying, Selling, Trading and providing cash loans on musical equipment is simple and secure. Sunset Pawnbrokers is a full service shop and musical equipment…


A pawn shop in Hollywood area, we have made thousands of cash loans to the residents of West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Fairfax district, Melrose and Beverly Hills. For over 30, Sunset Pawnbrokers have been dealing in music gear and buying and selling jewelry and gold. We provide an affordable service to customers looking for a short-term loan without a credit check. We make cash available 7 days a week in a confidential and secure loan in Los Angeles area. All that is required to get a loan is bring in your valuables, sign documents and get the loan in a few minutes.

We offer the maximum value of your jewelry, gold, electronics and musical instruments. Sunset Pawnbrokers lends money based on value of your items and not your credit score.

We are located on La Brea and Hollywood Blvd. near public transportation and Los Angeles landmarks. Pawn shop open on Sunday.

Pawn Shop in LA

Sunset Pawnbrokers
1647 N La Brea Ave, LA 90028

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M-F: 10AM – 6PM
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(323) 874-7860

What Our Fantastic Users Say

This place is great.I was able to sell my guitar for what I wanted.Jeff was a huge help with everything.This was my first time pawning anything and Jeff took the time to explain everything to me.Definitely coming back again

Matt T.
Yelp review

Very helpful and friendly service. Was able to get what I expected for my jewelry and musical instruments. Highly recommend this shop!

Alexa T.
Yelp Review

Great place, totally recommend them and will use there services again. Very friendly and product knowledgeable. Transaction was a breeze was able to get the cash I need with no problem.

Karen S.
Yelp Review

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